SC21 Anti-aging Cosmetics & Nutritional Supplements. Take advantage of the powerful regenerative effects of mesenchymal stem cell exosomes.

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SC21 Anti-aging Stem Cell Cosmetics

Includes: Anti-Aging Stem Cell Day Cream, Hydration Stem Cell Night Serum, Stem Cell Hydration Spray and Lash & Brow Enhance Serum.

What is Stem Cell Proteins?

Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Proteins are secretions from MSCs during culture. These proteins can include: growth factors, RNA, cytokines, peptide complexes and exosomes. Umbilical cord MSCs produce some of the most powerful rejuvenating factors available as a result of their young age. 

SC21 Biotech

After more than a decade successfully researching and applying stem cells technology at our international medical centre in Bangkok,

SC21 Biotech decided to use our unique proprietary formula to create Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation and Nutritional Products that are helping thousands of customers around the world in achieving better health whilst looking younger

Anti-Aging & Disgenerative Disease Treatments