About Us

Who We are

A skincare product is only as good as the team behind it. SC21 Cosmetics is led by renowned researchers, scientists, and physicians from the SC21 Biotechnology Group based in Bangkok, Thailand. The group has over 10 years of experience in the clinical use of stem cells for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and disease treatment. 

Our products are developed by the SC21 laboratories scientific team who are regularly published in scientific journals, hold various awards for groundbreaking achievements. A number of our scientific team have completed placements at CiRA Stem Cell Laboratories in Japan, and have been trained under Nobel prize winner in 2006 Dr. Shinya Yamanaka who first created induced pluripotent stem cells.

Our Lab

Our state of the art laboratory operates with meticulous safeguards and quality check standards so that we always deliver an effective and safe product to our customers. All Mesenchymal stem cells used to cultivate our secretomes and growth factors are ethically sourced from healthy umbilical cord donations.

Our Values

SC21 Biotech’s mission is to provide powerful regenerative anti-aging products through sound evidence-based technologies. The SC21 team has pioneered the use of human umbilical cord stem cell technology in aesthetics, dermatology, and regenerative medicine fields. 

We are committed to leveraging the power of stem cell secretomes, growth factors and cytokines to deliver safe, effective, and luxurious skincare products that promote skin rejuvenation

SC21 products are always 100% cruelty, cell, paraben, and pathogen free. Our research team is constantly developing and testing new active ingredients for effectiveness, ensuring that anything we use is proven and safe for our customers..

SC21 Biotech

After more than a decade successfully researching and applying stem cells technology at our international medical centre in Bangkok,

SC21 Biotech decided to use our unique proprietary formula to create Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation and Nutritional Products that are helping thousands of customers around the world in achieving better health whilst looking younger

SC21 Shop Is Part Of the SC21 Medical Group

Located In Bangkok, Thailand


Floor 2 Urbis Building, Aetas Residence, 53 Soi Ruamrudee, Phloenchit, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.


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