MSC anti-aging SkinCare Set


Anti-aging SkinCare Set is designed to give you a complete solution to skin rejuvenation. The set comprises of the anti-aging cream and rejuvenation serum, both infused with MSC Protein Complex.

MSC Rejuvenation Serum contains active ingredients like EGF Nanosomes, Vitamin B3, Green Tea extract, and GS-PCOg (grapeseed) not only protect the skin from premature aging, redness, and irritation, but they also have the ability to fight off bacteria, improve the skin’s overall elasticity and remove the fine lines. This formula was designed to give you a complete solution to skin rejuvenation and transform tired and aging skin.

MSC Anti-aging Cream contains high levels of CoQ10, an antioxidant coenzyme, which decreases as we get older, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and removes free radicals in cells. The effective formula of Jojoba Oil and vitamin B3 soothes and hydrates skin, and together with LIPOMOIST it increases cellular protein production.

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StemCells21 Anti-aging Skin Care Set

Premium Skin Rejuvenation

The StemCells21 Anti-aging Skin Care Set is a complete solution for restoring ageing skin. Our skin care products combine MSC Protein Complex (growth factors, RNA, peptide complexes, exosomes and cytokines) into our formulations to deliver a powerful anti-aging tool.

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Anti-aging Cream:

MSC Protein Complex + Anti-aging Cream: 50ml

Focus Ingredient:

MSC Protein Complex (cytokines, growth factors, peptide complex, RNA, exozomes) = 15%

Other Active Ingredients:

Chamomile Extract, LIPOMOIST, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, COQ10.

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Rejuvenation Serum:

MSC Protein Complex + Hydration Serum: 50ml

Focus Ingredient:

MSC Protein Complex (cytokines, growth factors, peptide complex, RNA, exozomes) = 20%

Other Active Ingredients:

EGF Nanosomes, hyaluronic acid, Green Tea extract, Canadian Willowherb, GS-PCOg (grapeseed), Vitamin B3, Artemia extracxt, Matrixyl.

People who used our products for at least 12 consecutive weeks, reported the following results:
Minimized wrinkles and fine lines, reduced pigmentation, improved skin texture, minimized pores, lifting and tightening effect.

Benefits of Our SC21 Skincares

Combines Science with Nature

Taking the best lessons from our clinical practice and combining them with time-tested all-natural anti-aging ingredients.  

Rejuvenates Aging Skin from the Inside-Out

Working at the cellular level to reduce the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring your skin’s natural shine. 

Promotes Overall Skin Health

Giving your skin the unique combination of building blocks and nourishment it needs to restore and maintain optimal health.  

Why It Works

As you grow older, your skin accumulates damage, loses critical building blocks, and has a harder and harder time maintaining its youthful appearance— forcing it to develop wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, pigmentation, and an overall loss of tone, clarity, and shine. 

Our skin care set fights this damage, and gives your skin the building blocks and instructions it needs to restore—and maintain—its youth. 

We enhance all of our skincare products with MSC protein complex, which goes beyond just covering up the signs of aging, and actually restore aging cells and re-engages your skin’s own internal healing process to rebuild your youthful appearance from the inside out.


Our Formulations

Most anti-aging skincare products promote surface-level moisture to create a temporary improvement in appearance, but do little to actually address the underlying conditions of damaged, aging skin that manifest as fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes.  

By contrast, the MSC proteins in our skin care will migrate to the damaged and aging sections of your skin, provide those sections of your skin with crucial building blocks and signals, and trigger your skin to create new, young, healthy cells that eliminate the signs of aging from the inside out.

Each of our products are formulated with scientifically proven ingredients, sourced from the highest quality suppliers.


Complete Your Anti-aging Skincare Routine

Our anti-aging skincare set provides high impact results to aged skin. Stemcells21’s vast experience in the stem cell industry has allowed us  to develop a deep understand in skin rejuvenation. When the skin is enriched with rejuvenating factors from young cells a powerful trigger of regeneration takes place.

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